Imagine you’re in charge of implementing a brand-new workflow policy. You call a meeting of all the managers, set it for 20 minutes, and drop the news. Just before ending the conversation, you politely remind the managers that they should share the information with their subordinates. That’s it. Your work here is done; it’s that easy! What are the concerns, if any?
The production department seems to be breaking the new policy two weeks later. You suspect they may not even be aware. Should you shoulder all the responsibility individually, or is management to blame? Probably the information was lost in passing the word down.
Downward communication isn’t as easy as scheduling a meeting on your digital calendar, but it still needs some forethought. We’ll provide you with the finest tool for broadcasting: Watches.

Exceptional Features of Our Broadcasting Tool

Our efficient broadcasting tool may lessen the possibility of informational overload in your organization. It may be worth your effort to properly plan your broadcasting if you consider all the rewards you may enjoy. Our technology helps you construct the most effective workflow by facilitating rapid delegating of roles, enhanced productivity, and quick problem-solving. If you’re still on the fence about whether or not Watches is worth the investment, we suggest you take a deeper look at its many useful functions.

Makes It Easier to Divide up Tasks

When running a business successfully, one person is never enough. According to Gallup, managers who think they can handle everything independently are more likely to lose sight of the company’s progress and add to the aggravation of their staff.
Watches assist you in delegating important chores so that you are not contributing to the unhealthy mentality of “doing it all by yourself.” Information sharing at all levels of an organization helps foster a positive work environment for employees. Our solution makes it far less difficult to delegate tasks in a well-organized manner.

Raises the Level of Productivity

When everyone in a company is on the same page about the norms and policies that affect their daily work, nobody has to spend time asking the same questions over and over again. Additionally, our broadcasting or downward communication solution, Watches, has several remarkable capabilities to increase the degree of productivity inside an organization.
  • The capability of support for attachments (up to 5 per attachment).
  • An acknowledgment feature to ensure all users or groups get company updates.
  • Maintaining a record of all comments made in relation to watches.
  • Requesting feedback or comments on the delivered information for improvements.

Promotes Speedy Problem-Solving

Since upper management communicates their goals, objectives, and expectations to lower-level employees and assigns specific tasks, the whole process can be seen clearly. Everyone in the line of command is well-aware of their responsibilities when the flow of information is like gravity.
Imagine that many departments within your organization are working together on a production strategy. You’ve told the managers that their teams’ proposals are required in a month, but the design team has yet to hand in their suggestions. This missed deadline is directly attributable to the team manager’s inability to communicate effectively with the designers.
On the other hand, the straightforward structure of the message’s conveyance makes it simple to identify the point of breakdown in communication and implement a swift fix.

Wrapping Up

It’s an age-old narrative that humans need direction and instruction. Nonetheless, no matter how helpful the information is, it cannot overcome a flawed method of issuing guidelines.
In certain situations, using a broadcasting solution like Watches requires sending a message down the line of command and crossing your fingers that everything goes well. You run the risk of having your communication go awry if this happens. So, if you’ve just announced an anticipated policy shift or process, you can probably take it easy and hope that word gets around.

Process Intel & AuditsIQ

Watches is an important added-on feature for the products of N-Sight Technology Corporation. It helps the products improve in efficiency while adding accountability to them. Process Intel and AuditsIQ focus on the quality and control standards for inspections. The whole aim is to turn the traditional processing into smart processing. They focus on their own domains and enhance the productivity over all. Be sure to check out more blogs on AuditsIQ and Process Intel for a better understanding of the features.