Future of Auditing

Auditing has been an integral part of the business world for centuries, providing assurance to stakeholders that financial statements are accurate and reliable. However, the world of auditing is constantly evolving, and the future of auditing is likely to look very different from what we know today. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of […]

What is Auditing Culture?

Auditing culture is an essential process that allows organizations to evaluate their workplace culture and ensure that it aligns with their values, mission, and goals. A company’s culture is made up of shared values, beliefs, attitudes, behaviors, and practices that define its identity, and it influences employee engagement, productivity, and overall success. Importance of Auditing […]

Challenges and Benefits of Auditing in Oil Refineries

What is Auditing? Auditing is an essential process in the oil refinery industry. It helps to ensure that the refinery is functioning efficiently, effectively, and in compliance with the established policies, regulations, and standards. The purpose of this blog is to provide a detailed overview of auditing in the oil refinery industry, its features, and […]

Financial Auditing vs Process Auditing

Financial Auditing and Process Auditing are two different methods of evaluating a company’s financial performance and operational efficiency. While both techniques aim to identify issues, weaknesses, and inconsistencies in a business, they differ in their objectives, scope, and methods. In this blog, we will delve into the difference between financial auditing and process inspection. Financial […]

Watches: Spread the Word and Solicit Opinions from Your Employees

Imagine you’re in charge of implementing a brand-new workflow policy. You call a meeting of all the managers, set it for 20 minutes, and drop the news. Just before ending the conversation, you politely remind the managers that they should share the information with their subordinates. That’s it. Your work here is done; it’s that […]

Within the Domain of Auditing

Auditing has always been a subject of interest for the people in the industry, and with so many new things happening, it has taken a whole renewed change. In the early days, people just used auditing for the accountability of capital, taxes, and assets. It highlighted that auditing tested the collection of taxes and the […]

Traditional Physical Inspection Forms: Top 10 Challenges

The physical format of pen and paper evokes fond feelings of nostalgia in people, which is particularly notable considering that the digital age has mostly replaced it.Texting and emailing have largely taken the place of the once-popular practice of letter writing. Typing notes instead of writing them by hand using a pen and paper has […]

Auditing as a Story

The Origin of Auditing The word audit means to hear something. It was first used by Henry I, also known as Henry Beauclerc, during his reign in England. Henry was King of England from 1100 to his death in 1135. During his reign, a monumental step toward the bureaucratized state that lay in the future […]

AuditsIQ: A digital way to conduct your next pre-flight checks

As the global aviation industry continues to grow, safety is of paramount importance. For those of you who are in this industry, you already know that the key way to ensure safety is through regular safety audits. You and your team provide a means of identifying potential problems before they have an opportunity to impact […]