The automotive industry is one of the primeval and most worked-upon industries of all time. It revolutionized the transportation and commuting system and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the automotive industry is one of the stoutest pillars of the global economy and the main driver of macroeconomic growth and stability. But when it comes to manufacturing, distributing, and servicing automotive, there are hundreds of stages and checkpoints to be cleared. All these checkpoints include, but are not limited to:
  • Automotive services job sheet
  • Automotive workshop inspection
  • Vehicle health check
  • Roadworthiness check
  • Pre-delivery inspection
Workplace inspections and audits are not just a legal requirement but also a great way of keeping operations smooth. Detailed inspections allow you to prolong the value of your assets, keep your personnel safe from accident or injury, and spare you from any unforeseen downtime.
Inspectors and auditors can check, receive and carry out scheduled audits on their tablets or mobile phones, in any location. It helps your company achieve the highest benchmarks of productivity and smoothens the whole process. You will always lead the way towards success in the highly competitive global marketplace.
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Now, imagine you are verifying and inspecting all these stages via paper-based checklists. It will be a hassle to save, process, and archive paper-based checklists and you cannot avoid human error. With paper-based inspections, you cannot incorporate validations and process flow. With our innovative and technology-driven inspection tool, AuditsIQ you can solve this problem professionally by gaining access and control, on the go, using any kind of smart device to execute digital audits and inspections. On AuditsIQ, you can create hundreds of inspection templates for various stages of manufacturing, distribution, and servicing.