When it comes to air travel, nothing can be taken for granted. An aircraft must be examined and scrutinized multiple times to ensure the safety of all on board. And even before getting ready to be taken off, during the manufacturing process of aircraft, there are hundreds of checkpoints to be considered. AuditsIQ helps in scheduled aircraft inspections to undergo any preventative maintenance that either the aviation engineers, auditors, or technicians perform at regular intervals. It includes annual examinations, 100-hour inspections, preflight checks, and progressive inspections to ensure that an aircraft is ready to fly and airworthy. This can be done hassle-free by using off-the-shelf inspection reports in our state-of-the-art inspection software.
Workplace inspections and audits are not just a legal requirement but also a great way of keeping operations smooth. Detailed inspections allow you to prolong the value of your assets, keep your personnel safe from accident or injury, and spare you from any unforeseen downtime.
Inspectors and auditors can check, receive and carry out scheduled audits on their tablets or mobile phones, in any location. It helps your company achieve the highest benchmarks of productivity and smoothens the whole process. You will always lead the way towards success in the highly competitive global marketplace.
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AuditsIQ also helps cabin crew in performing preflight checks before the plane flies to make sure that nothing is malfunctioned or defective. Moreover, Pilots and co-pilots must use a checklist so that nothing is forgotten when performing a preflight check which includes walking around the plane and inspecting flight control surfaces and fuselage components for wear and tear and defects. So, all these checklists and inspecting parameters can be registered on AuditsIQ’s customizable survey reports to make sure that you keep providing world-class services to your ever-growing clientele.